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Replacing your old traditional phone by a VoIP is just like replacing your Nokia 5110 by a Nokia N series. Old things have just got to go to be replaced by modern things. As people would say, change is the only permanent thing in life.

Changing your old traditional phone by a VoIP is the best thing to do by all counts. If you are still undecided, just consider the following things that VoIP has over your traditional phone. Consider cost. Your traditional phone will cost you 40 cents per minute when you call long distance. With VoIP, it will cost you only 3 cents for a one minute long distance call. If you have a friend or a relative abroad and he or she happens to have the same VoIP provider that you have, you can talk all day through the night without ever paying a cent for it. If you find it hard to believe, you can call any VoIP provider in your area to confirm what I said.

Now, if you have confirmed it, what you should do next is to convince your relatives and friends abroad to change their telephone to VoIP and have them choose your provider company as their VoIP provider. Once they have their VoIP installed you can then start calling long distance each other free of any long distance charges. I think with this information alone, you will now decide to change your old traditional phone with a brand new VoIP.

Anyway, let me continue explaining to you why it is important now to have a VoIP phone instead of having an old and traditional phone in your home. When it comes to sound clarity, VoIP phones are much clearer in sound than your old traditional telephone.

This is because in a traditional phone, the sound is carried over the telephone lines in Analog forms. Analog sound system is an older form of sound delivery technology that is open to interruption by other analog frequencies. Thus, when you call long distance through your traditional telephone, you can sometimes hear crackling background noises and other forms of interruptions.
Usually, this sound interruption comes from static frequencies that is caused during the time your message is transmitted through the telephone lines.

If you have just heard about the word Analog, it is a form of radio wave signal in different frequencies that is used to carry
Sound signals. Analog is in wave form, the one you see in operating room to monitor a patients heartbeat. Those up and down signals to indicate that a person is alive and the flat lines to indicate loss of life are analog forms. Although analog signal carriers are considered old technology, they are still in use in telephones, radio broadcasting stations and other kind of radio communications, like the Single sideband or SSB transreceivers.

In the case of VoIP, the voice signals are in digital forms when transmitted through the internet. Digital are those later forms of
technology that are used in computers and computing equipments. Unlike Analog which are in the form of wave frequencies, digital are in the form of numeric binary numbers 1 and 0. Digital forms are not subject to interference and would result to a clearer sound.

This is another thing that would assure you that VoIP are more advantageous than your traditional telephone. Actually, to be
more truthful about it, VoIP because of its newness have many unbelievers when first introduced to the market. The first country that have already accustomed to having VoIP as their means of communications, are the U.S. The average number of homes per month now transferring to the VoIP system of communication is gaining fast.

It is estimated however that businesses will have a faster acceleration of transfer from traditional phones to VoIP because of the audio and video conferencing capabilities that VoIP affords business. Actually this is now considered as one of the more important tool of businessmen in America in monitoring their branch of business in other countries. Businessmen in countries of Europe like London, Italy, France and Germany are also making their moves from the old traditional telephone to the more advanced VoIP system of communication.

Now that you know the advantages of having a new VoIP, you can now surrender your traditional telephone subscription and subscribe to a VoIP provider of your choice.

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