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This new system of voice communication through the internet known as VoIP of Voice over Internet Protocol has made a lot of people in the Philippines wondering when they can get full use of this new technology.

Most people now has an idea of what is this VoIP about, since it has been since last 3 years already when the news of VoIP has been making the rounds here in the Philippines about this low cost communication system.

This new kind of communication service has a lot of features and here are some so that you may have an idea just in case you may decide to have one in the future.

Your incoming VoIP calls are coursed through your computer thus you can receive them directly from your computer by means of a headphone, or you can received it by means of your VoIP phone.

Various VoIP phone packages are available for you to choose from. These phones come in different colors and style tailored to whatever you needs may be. Those phones are all very handy with futuristic and sleek design to complement the modern system of your VoIP.

These phones incorporate all the features that you can have from your traditional phones, plus more. It can give you a video and audio conferencing that your traditional phone cannot give you. The various features that you can have with VoIP are free, unlike your traditional phones.

VoIP is the most modern communication tool of today. In fact, VoIP system if now in full use in the U.S. and other European countries and even in other Asian countries. The reason why VoIP has been so successful in making many people to rethink their position with regards to their traditional telephone is because VoIP can give them so much and can receive so much less. Meaning that with VoIP, you can have the best quality in terms of service and features at a very low cost to you.

You can just imagine the cost. With a traditional phone, they will charge you 40 cents for a one minute long distance call to the US mainland. With a VoIP phone, it will only cost you 3 cents. Can you imagine that? And if it happens that you are almost calling every day, how much do you think can you save in a year? What’s more, the quality of the calls are very clear because the signals are digitalized, unlike in a traditional phone where the signals are transmitted through an analog system, which is almost always subject to interference.

Another thing will be in terms of connectivity. VoIP long distance calls are fast in connecting you to your calls because of the super fast broadband internet connectivity. Using a traditional long distance call will not assure you of a fast connectivity since in making a long distance calls, you will be routed to several communication companies thus, you can not be sure that you can be instantly connected to the person you are calling.

VoIP while making the rounds of many countries and successfully doing so, has so far not made an impact in the Philippines. In America, Europe and even in Asia, most businesses and private homes have shifted their method of communication from the traditional telephone to the more modern VoIP means of communication. In fact, VoIP has been hailed as something of a saving grace by most American businessman because of the large amount of money they can save from their telephone bills especially at this near recession time.

If you are a businessman in the Philippines with branches in two countries, you can easily save a lot of money if you will convert from the traditional telephone system to VoIP and will have the same VoIP provider for your main business here in the Philippines and with your two branches. Because if you have the same provider, you will be able to conduct a daily video and audio conferencing with your two branches FREE of charge. You can just think of the savings you can get – no more long distance telephone bills to think about. What’s more, you can minimize your travel expenses to those two countries because you can monitor them daily through you audio and video conferences via the wonders of VoIP communication system.

Here in the Philippines there are actually several local VoIP providers that will be able to serve your VoIP communication requirements. You can look them up in their own site and see for yourself if what good things they can offer with regards to your VoIP communication needs.

These Philippine VoIP providers are Ezezcall Philippines, Sky Internet VoIP, VIOCCOM, Vodini and Takalam.

You can find from their individual internet website their product rate, and the needed things that you have to do before they will
Consider your application for a VoIP communication system.

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