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The Internet can now be used for making telephone calls, due to a technology called Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP. The Internet works with data packets, which are bits of information that can be transmitted over the network, as digital signals.

When we talk on the phone, the data is coded as analog signals. What VoIP phone service does, mainly, is to transform digital signals into analog, so we can talk to each other, like on a normal phone.

There is a big difference between VoIP and Plain Old Telephone Service, or POTS. A regular telephone will keep the connection open with the other endpoint, until someone hangs up. This is called a static connection and it is called a dedicated line. With Internet packets, things are different. The data is coded into digital signals that can use the same space as other data packets. This means that the connection is faster and more efficient.

Because of its high quality, VoIP phone service needs a good broadband connection. It must have a 256 kbs rate or more, so you can make your calls. If you wish to use your regular phone as a VoIP device, you will need an adapter that will connect to the modem or the router. Your high speed hardware will have the important mission of transmitting the signals into the network and make your voice to be heard at the other end of the line.

New models of adapters have routers integrated in their system. The router is the piece of equipment responsible for allocating the necessary Internet bandwidth for the call through VoIP to be made. In the past, the system was a little too unreliable and the connection was lost too frequently. But now, things are changed and the quality is much better.

For people wanting to place cheap calls from their homes or for businesses that do not need a lot of traffic, the VoIP phone service is the ideal option. But, as still the reliability of the system is still not perfect, as VoIP is Internet dependant, larger companies will prefer other solutions for their offices.

The discussion about the quality of the system still remains. Advertisers of VoIP phone services say that the system works great and the quality cannot be compared with the old telephones. But, on the other hand, there are voices that claim that sometimes, the signal transmitted over the Internet is poor, and the quality of the sound lacks. They are the supporters of the old systems. The versatility of VoIP, with which you can make international phone calls with ease, is the standpoint of its fans.

We must say that VoIP phone systems have to deal with a great problem when it comes to power outages. If the electricity goes down, then the VoIP goes, too. Do not worry, though, as this problem has the right solution. Due to a feature that allows redirecting calls when the VoIP number cannot be reached, you can receive calls, on another phone, when the power is out.

Many differences exists between the offers of landline providers and VoIP phone services providers. When you opt for a plan with a regular phone, you will notice that your options are limited. VoIP providers, instead, come forward with attractive subscription plans that leave a very good impression. For instance, if you are more interested in placing calls overseas, you can go for a plan that grants you cheap access to such services. The best part is that you end up paying only a fraction of what otherwise you would have had to pay to a regular phone company for international calls.

Regular landline companies ask for additional payment, if you require features like caller ID, forwarding calls, teleconferencing and so on. VoIP providers include all of them in their standard package, which makes for a great deal for everyone. The user is granted much more access on handling the phone calls they receive and options like voicemail or blocking access for certain telephone numbers are all available for free.

The communication world changed with the appearance of VoIP. Even if it is at the dawn of its development, it is considered that, in the future, the new technology will surpass the old one and take its place.

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