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VoIP Phone: Connecting The Entire Planet

Standard telephone lines will soon be a matter of yesterday. With the development of Internet telephony, that is experiencing a real take off, people are more and more tempted to take full advantage of the new technology against the old one. Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, is now today’s news. With an Internet connection, a computer and a subscription to a VoIP provider, you are now at the same pace as the technology.

Let’s see how VoIP telephony is better than the regular landline. First, you are not tight down to your home through your telephone number. If you have Internet connection and a computer, you can have access to your number, from anywhere you are. Your PC will not be blocked during the time you talk on the phone, and you will still be able to use other programs. Cell phones work great with this technology, so if you have a mobile device that can be connected to the Internet, there you are.

In the same network, or from VoIP to VoIP, the phone calls do not cost you anything. In case you want to connect with other networks, you will have to pay, though.

The quality of the sound delivered via Internet is far better than when talking on a regular phone. This is an advantage that cannot be ignored.

You can also add as many features as you like with your VoIP. Because all the VoIP providers include such options in their basic plans, you can really enjoy all they have to offer. You can talk to anybody you like, you can see that person, you can talk with more than one person in the same time and so on.

The analog signals transmitted are transformed into digital signals by VoIP. This means that they can be delivered through the Internet, and the quality of digital over analog is not to be denied. This ability also allows to use your standard phone as a VoIP device, with only one additional device.

Keep in mind that the main requirement for your VoIP phone to work is to have a very good quality broadband Internet connection. The VoIP phone will connect with the network and it will then work at the possible quality provided by the network. Your regular phone can also serve as a VoIP device, but, for that, you have to ask your provider to give you an adapter. With the necessary VoIP software installed on your computer and a set of microphone and earphones, you can place your calls as you wish.

When you discuss the terms of your contract with the provider for a VoIP phone, there are certain things that you must be aware of. For instance, if you mostly plan to call and talk to people that are from other state than yourself, then you can choose the area code they have. This means that you will be able to place calls to that area as if you are placing local calls. Your option will result in savings on the bill. There are many things that can be discussed here, so it is better to see what your provider is willing to offer.

You can make phone calls over the world with your VoIP phone, local calls, long distance calls, even international calls. You can also call people on their cell phones. The good news is that only you are required to have all the equipment necessary for your VoIP phone, and the other person is not. You may even talk to more people at the same time, if this is what you wish.

Some drawbacks are to be considered when you decide to install a VoIP phone. For instance, in case of a power outage, your VoIP phone will not work, unlike landline phones. Also, a constant connection to the Internet will be needed when making calls and talking. These dependencies are negative aspects, but they can be solved. For instance, you can store your messages in your voice mail box, when you cannot be contacted.

Not all the VoIP providers can grant you access to certain services, like calling the emergency number 911, or directory assistance. So, it is advisable to search for a provider that can give you these options. You also must know that there will be a difference when you call 911, then when you make your call from a standard telephone line. The service is available, though, in case you need it.

The best thing about your VoIP phone is that you can make a phone call anywhere you want you, which means that distances are no longer a problem for communication.


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