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VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is a way of giving telephone users particularly those who are calling long distance most of the time, the chance of paying just a little amount of money for their calls.

The savings that you can get from using VoIP instead of long distance telephone are so great that if you constantly call abroad like those families of Philippine Overseas workers, you can save a lot of money from long distance calls alone. Aside from paying a very little amount for your long distance calls, the quality and the speed of connection is greatly superior to the traditional long distance telephone calls.

Now if the VoIP provider here in the Philippines is the same VoIP provider that you will be calling abroad, you can expect to have a free call with whoever you will be calling abroad. So, aside from a very low cost long distance call, you still have the chance of having a free long distance. This is just one advantage of using a
VoIP service.

VoIP signals sent through the internet are in digital forms so you can expect that the quality of your communication even it is a long distance call will be much clearer. Likewise, the connection of your call is immediate, because of broadband connectivity speed.

Because of the many Filipinos working abroad, many investors has targeted the Philippines as one of the many countries that can immensely profit from the new technology from the internet. The following are now the VoIP that Filipinos can have as providers of VoIP service.

The Ezezcall Company – This Company in the true sense, is not a total VoIP communication system. It can only process out going calls but you cannot have in coming calls, just some sort of an international pay phone that uses the internet to your outward calls. They charge your call at 0.03 cents a minute. There is no need to change your existing phone number because with Ezezcall, you can only call to your friends outside of the Philippines but they can never call you through Ezezcall.

Sky Internet VoIP – this company I would like to say is the real VoIP provider. Their service can make you call your friends in other countries and you can also received calls from them. I could have subscribed to this company, but I was surprised by their guidelines. Applicants should have a separate broadband connection for their VoIP system, which means a dedicated broadband connection for VoIP system alone? Well, if I have to take another broadband subscription from what I already have for my internet use, then maybe, I just have to make do with what I have.

Because instead of having some savings because of VoIP, I now have to have Another broadband dedicated internet connection which is by no means cheap. With one broadband connection for the internet and VoIP, I can manage. But with two broadband subscription, one for the internet and the other for VoIP, sorry Sky Internet VoIP, I surely cannot afford them. Hey, I think with VoIP we can save – what the heck is this dedicated broadband line for?

Takalam - This VoIP Company for a particular fixed monthly rate will offer 200 hours of unlimited calls to the U.S. and Canada.
After the 200 hours, calls will be charged 0.08 cents per minute.
All features of long distance telephone calls are offered by the
VoIP provider.

It will indeed be far better if the Philippines can have more
voIP provider so that the rates in terms of installation cost can be lowered and also the rates in terms of domestic calls. It has been noted in studies made that the Philippines needs to have more VoIP provider considering the large number of foreign workers
the country has working in different countries abroad. If these area of concerns can be addressed to by the government, a lot of Overseas Filipino worker families will benefit from the very low rates VoIP long distance calls offers.

Competition among many VoIP providers will benefit the family of Filipinos working overseas. Aside from that, the local telephone industry who had been the beneficiary of these huge volume of long distance calls between families and their love ones working in other countries abroad for a very long time already, will be forced to come to their senses and adjust their high long distance rates if they want to survive the competition brought to them by VoIP providers.

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