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During the last few years, the new technology called VoIP gained more and more supporters, whether they are normal people, that like to communicate with one another, or businesses with greater needs regarding communication means.

You may wonder what makes VoIP so special. We will try to answer that. First, you must know, that on the first look, VoIP is not so different from the regular telephone. You make calls, you receive calls, as before. Only that the data is not transmitted through telephone wires, but through the Internet. The immediate consequence is cheaper calls.

VoIP is considered to be much less expensive than the telephone. One reason we mentioned before. But service providers also offer their clients many features for free, features that are usually charged by telephone companies. For instance, communication between two clients of the same network can talk for free.

There is no problem if you live on the right side of the Atlantic Ocean. You can call anybody you want, even from other continents, for free, as long as they have the same VoIP service.

Advanced features for telephone companies are standard features for VoIP. Caller ID, forwarding calls, conference, they are all included in any package offered by a VoIP provider. Some even offer video capabilities and they grant you free access to video calls, by using webcams, for free.

There are all kinds of advantages. For instance, you can redirect a call to a specific telephone number, by using the VoIP software.

Here is how you can gain access to all these.

The first prerequisite is an Internet connection. You need to have a broadband connection, so the quality and the speed are reliable for your needs. Then, of course, you must have a computer or an IP phone so you can actually make the phone calls. Your computer works as a VoIP device, but only if you install on it a VoIP software. This is not hard to do, as this software is available, free for download, on the Internet. Because you want to be heard when you make your call, buy a microphone and a speaker for your computer.

If computers are not exactly your thing, use an IP phone. This can be used as any other phone and, plus, it will allow you to make video calls. Just ask your VoIP provider for one and choose the model that you like best.

If you do not want another phone, the solution for you is to transform your old telephone into a VoIP device. What you need for that is called Analog Telephone Adapter. This piece of equipment will do the trick for you.

Here is how this works. A regular phone has an RJ 11 connector, while an IP phone has an RJ 45 Ethernet connector. The ATA will solve this problem, by connecting the phone with the computer and making from your analog phone a digital capable device. It has two slots, one for the RJ 11 connector and the RJ 45 Ethernet connector for the other. Connect all these and you are done. Practically, the Analog Telephone Adapter will use the original RJ 11 connector of the telephone, but also the RJ 45 Ethernet connector, so it can make the link between your telephone and your computer.

There are not only advantages when it comes to VoIP. There are also drawbacks. For instance, if you experience a power outage, your VoIP device will not work without it. Also, if the Internet connection falls down, you will have the same problem. These are risks that you must assume when you decide for a VoIP connection instead of a standard one. Your line will not be able to work without electricity or without Internet capability, so keep that in mind.

But, still, the advantage in affordability remains, especially regarding distant calls and basic features included in the fee. You will no longer have to worry about phone bills, once you have access to all the free features offered by VoIP providers. You will be able to call anybody you want for free, and you will have to pay only for the fixed fee charged by your provider.

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