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This piece will deal about VoIP in Asia more particularly with China, but before all that, let us go first to the start of VoIP business that made its first appearance in Northern America.

If you still do have an idea if what is VoIP, it means Voice over Internet Protocol which simply means that it carries its voice signal communication through the facilities of the Internet. This new kind of communication started in North America and in other parts of Europe.

The roll-off of this new kind of communication became a hit that soon, the name VoIP was already being recognized by many to become the communication of the today and even into the future. With the establishment of a super fast connectivity via the broadband internet, many countries soon opened to VoIP as a new provider of instant audio and visual communication which until today, the standard long distance companies has failed to give.

The huge advantage of VoIP over the regular long distance telephone company is in terms of cost, service quality, and advance feature such as the audio and video conferencing capability. It has been noted particularly in North America, that the cost being charged by the VoIP providers to their client which is a flat rate of only several dollars are hugely disproportionate to the very high quality of services that they give to their customers. Upon comparison with what the standard long distance companies are charging their client for their poor quality of service based on a per minute call, the difference were so gigantic that a north American remarked that VoIP is the saving grace of businessman in the near recession plagued America.

Not only in America That VoIP is now making its name. They are now making so many converts among businessmen and even private individuals in Europe particularly in Britain, France, Germany, Italy and even in Switzerland. VoIP has captured the rasnks of most busdinessmen and individuals more particularly now, when it started offering their VoIP phones, where you can have video and audio converence with anyone across the world while your are skiing on the alps or mountaineering somewhere in the Himalayas. These kind of mobility beibng offered now by VoIP is unmatched by any kind of communication services in the world. The thing however, is this. If they are unmatched by anybody in the world, then why offer such a low low price for the service? The answer lies in the fact that that the Internet is owned by nobody. Yes, Pedro! Don’t you know? Nobody owns the internet. This is the primary reason why VoIP providers can give out such incredulously low price as compared to standard long distance companies per minute calls.

And now, VoIP is beginning to have inroads in Asia, particularly in the huge market that is China. In china, land lines and mobile phones are on the rise. It is expected that by 2010, mobile phone users in china will top the 400 million mark while landlines will reach the 1 billion user with internet users now at a faster rising clip of 200 million, even when it was lately introduced to the market. With the VoIP having gained some inroads to some segments of the China market with such an amazing and promising results, many analyst now believes that the VoIP will alter the telephone market both landline and mobile of the standard telephone companies.

Many skeptics to these assumption that was made just recently as last year, now seemed to agree that indeed, VoIP can eat a big chunk of the China markets from the standard telephone companies operating in China. This has actually made several big telephone companies to reassess their marketing strategy and some are rethinking their position with regards to this new challenge to their kind of industry. Even the government is eyeing VoIP with interest as this new type of communication has the potential of bringing business in China to greater heights.

Since the qualities and the affordability of a VoIP fixed connection and VoIP mobile is fast becoming a wildfire news to the Chinese, pundits are now skeptically reassessing the future of the ordinary fixed telephone lines and ordinary mobile phones. They have now reversed their forecast for the future of the ordinary telephone and mobile communication to one that will be heavily affected by the sudden and strong growth of the new player in the communication industry of China which is the VoIP.

If you live in china and happen to read this story, better have your VoIP installed now to avail of this very good quality of communication service at a very low price, or even without cost to you if you communicate with somebody with the same VoIP provider.


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