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Comparison is a natural thing to do you can compare a thing from another to prove its value or usefulness. Actually, comparison is a tool that can provide improvement for a thing, or even a human being. To compare is something like setting up a yardstick to measure the thing.

Like for example if you want to know how good or how fast can your dog run, then you have to compare his speed with other dogs. Or if you would like to test how good your memory is, then you can ask your brothers or your friends to have a memory test so that you can compare if how good or how bad your memory is.

Still speaking of comparison, this time let us see if how we compare a VoIP provider from another VoIP provider. If you try to think about, these VoIP providers have all the same technology that they are using in their carrying out of communication services. And so, why do we have to compare them out? Actually, that is a good question. VoIP providers of course differ in their style of marketing approach, especially in their promotion methods.

They can also differ in the softwares that they use. Other VoIP providers uses a different software made by a company with the name of Micro and Soft Products while another provider might have their software made by a company with the name Data Plus Incorporated. While these two provider company might be using two kinds of softwares, these softwares have still the same purpose of operation.

And if ever there will be some differences in the functions of these softwares, you can still be sure that whatever differences there may be, will be very minimal at most. Another thing that can be compared with these VoIP providers will be the miscellaneous items that they provide their customers like VoIP phones, and other things related to the installation of the VoIP programs in your computer system.

Technically, most VoIP provider will be more or less on the same level in terms of quality of service as they will be offering the same services based on the internet. Maybe what you can compare about will be in terms of their service maintenance and other post installation backup. You can question them about the terms of back up support if they have any, and for how long will they provide this support and if there are any fees associated with this and if there is, how much will it be. Once you have gathered all the data, you can then go about in comparing them. In comparing their services, you can either have your top picks and as much as possible narrow them to two so that you can now easily choose if who among the two top picks will you favor. Having chosen your provider, you can now go about in the installation of your VoIP.

You have to take note that VoIP providers only have their differences in the makes of their hardware being installed and of course the softwares being made to run that hardware. This is very understandable because most if not all hardware manufacturers have their own ready set of software applications to run it. So therefore, if these VoIP providers will differ in their choice of hardware to be used, then they will have to differ in the kind of software applications used.

The most important thing for you to compare however, will be your traditional phone from your VoIP phone. Since you already have your landline phone, you can apply for a free trial of a VoIP phone. Once you have your own VoIP phone you can now start calling somebody abroad using your standard long distance phone and observed the signal as to clarity and the speed of connection.

Next, try the VoIP. Call again the person you have just called on your long distance telephone and observe the crystal clear signal that your VoIP phone can give you. I am sure that by this time you have already had your choice. Next, try to have an audio and video chitchat with the person again, or if the person you just called happened not to have a webcam, you can request the provider to have a voice and video talk with him over the VoIP once he came home so that you can assess the quality of the installed audio and video conferencing facility of the VoIP provider.

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