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If you happen to know nothing yet about VoIP which is new system of voice communication done through the internet, let me explain it to you in the simplest way.

So long as you are already familiar with the internet as I know you are fond of surfing daily, you will come to know and understand how this new system of communication known as the VoIP works.

VoIP means Voice over Internet Protocol. In simple terms, it means that voice signals are carried over the internet system. VoIP is a way of sending and receiving voice signals over the internet, which is just like a telephone does. The only difference there is that in a telephone, the sound signals are sent and received via the telephone lines.

How a VoIP and a traditional telephone differ in sending messages? A VoIP sends and receives signals through the internet in digitalized forms. A telephone sends and receives messages through the telephone lines in analog forms. This means that VoIP signals are in digital forms when it is send through the internet.

A digital signal is A signal in numeric binary forms 0 and 1. And
Because digital signals are not subject to interference, the quality of signals of a VoIP is clear.

Telephone sound signals are sent through telephone lines in analog forms. Analog are sound signals in wave forms. If you are fond of watching the TV episode of ER, you can almost see the analog signal every time there are some patients who are near death in the Emergency Room. The camera would usually focus their sights on the small device that is monitoring the heart beat of a patient. That device is an analog heart beat tracking equipment. See those up and down signals? Those are analog signals monitoring the life of a patient.

Analog system of sound deliveries is also used in broadcasting stations. An AM station means their broadcast are analog waves in Amplitude Modulation broadcast. This means that their radio signals are carried on the up and down crest of radio analog waves. In an FM stations their signals are carried not on the crest of radio analog waves but in between waves of analog radio frequencies. Although the FM is less subject to interference, both of these kinds of signals are subject to other frequency interruptions. Interruptions are natural in analog signals.
Thus, if you consider that the telephone signals are sent through Analog forms, it is therefore right to say that the quality of sounds of long distance telephone call is subject to interference.

In relation to cost of long distance calls, VoIP is very cheap as compared to the traditional telephone. While the cost of one minute long distance call using the standard telephone is 40 cents per minute, with a VoIP, it is only 3 cents. Aside from this, if it so happens that when you call long distance someone from another country that also uses the same VoIP provider that you use, your call will be free of charge. Yes, that is right. Free of charge. You can talk without limit and you will pay nothing for it.

This is why there are now many people in other countries who are encouraging their friends and relatives staying in another country to shift from the traditional telephone to VoIP and to use the VoIP provider that they are also using. Once their friends or relatives transfer to VoIP with the same provider, they then talk endlessly every day without paying a cent. This is a very unique kind of marketing for these VoIP providers, but this is true. You can search the internet for various VoIP providers, and ask them about this feature.

And when it comes to features, all the features of a traditional telephone is also offered free of charge by VoIP providers. There is one additional feature, however, that you can get from VoIP but can never get from a traditional telephone. This is all about the feature of VoIP that has businessmen all over the world scrambling to have their own VoIP. It is known as the video audio conferencing.

This feature which is offered free of charge, will enable you to simultaneously have a conference with other people in other countries in an audio and video mode. This means that you see each other while you are talking and you can have several people from other continents or countries simultaneously joining you in the conference. This is actually some sort of a futuristic scene but is now happening today through the VoIP system of communication through broadband internet connectivity.

Now that you have a good amount of information about VoIP and the advantages it can offer you in your long distance calls, you can now go about searching the internet for VoIP providers who can service your area. Doing it much earlier can make you save more in terms of your long distance calls.

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