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Advancement in communication technology is such an ongoing thing, just like any other field of science. Everything in life is an ongoing thing. Every now and then new ways or techniques will be uncovered to do a thing more efficiently or faster. They say that necessity is the mother of invention.

From the humble beginnings of the world of communication which is the smoke signal, it soon advance to the discovery of the Morse code and again, to the discovery of the radio waves resulting to analog communication utilizing radio waves frequencies. And still later on to the present day, which is the digital system of communication that is being used in computers and the internet

If we will try to trace every thing that has evolved itself from its early beginnings until what it is today would somehow proved doubting but as it is, let us just try to give you a few. Take the case of the automobile. It all started from the wooden garage of
garbage and discarded things that the ford family has which was turned as some form of an experimental place to tinker with a very early made engine. From out of this shop would soon come out the first version of the present day vehicles that has become the primary transportation system of the world.

And if you take fancy with flights, let us consider the history of the Wrights brothers who developed their first flying machine out of their trusted bicycle shop. The very first airplane that they were able to fly flew a distance of 10 meters. Look at the modern day airplanes now that came out from their original design of a real flying machine and which they first flew at Kitty Hawk. You really can never tell what will come out from the fertile brains of bright men, you know. Innovation of a particular gadget or equipment is always there. Look at the computer. Once, a computer the size of a big room can have a dazzling memory of 20 kbps. Compare it to the memory capacity of a computer chip the size of a very small match box with a memory capacity of several terabytes.

Everything else is just improving however you look at it. Change is always there for faster, more efficient equipment or whatever.

Change in the communication industry today is as fast as ever. We have uncovered the secrets of how to communicate with wires and later on, we discovered how to communicate without wires. These technology utilizing the frequency signals known as analog technology has given us the different kinds of communication we can think of. We have the radio broadcasting frequency, the TV carrier frequency, the telegraph on sea communication, and even the long distance communication. These analog systems of communication are voice or video signals that are sent out of the airwaves riding on the waves of different radio frequencies.

This kind of communication has been in use for several decades now, even as early as the 1940s, before the second world war broke out. Analog communications in various frequencies are now the backbone of long distance telephone communication around the world.

With the discovery of the computer chip, and after several years of development resulting to super fast computers with super sized memories, the Internet was born. The computer chip that makes use of digital system of information has now brought to the fore another new system of communication through the internet which is the electronic mail or the e-mail system of text communication through the internet. The internet has become a new form of communication and information tool among the people of the world.

VoIP, which is a new form of voice messaging made through the internet, is now the new face in the communication industry. VoIP which stand for voice over Internet Protocol is now making waves everywhere. CISCO is one of the providers of this VoIP system of communication. CISCO is now offering its unified system of communication and many businesses around the world are scrambling to become one of their clients. Since VoIP long distance service is very much superior to the standard long distance communication system, CISCO is now very confident that their product offering through the VoIP unified system of communication will be highly successful in all parts of the world. And rightly so. With the amount of clients that they are now having, their success is now validated as assured.


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