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If you are from Philippines and away from home, you no longer have to worry that you cannot stay in touch with your loved ones. Family ties can remain as strong as before, due to the technological advances that swept the world during the last years.

Filipinos are well known for their family based values and the importance of being able to communicate with their kin. With VoIP, this can be done with much ease and at really cheap prices.

VoIP can be used for many purposes. If you are working overseas, it is easy to place international phone calls. Also, if you run a business and you want to extent it beyond the boundaries of your country, it is much cheaper to use VoIP in order to cut down the costs on the phone bill. You can spend up to 90 % less on VoIP calls then if you would pay a regular phone bill.

There are certain advantages granted by VoIP providers to their subscribers. For instance, the distance is no longer an issue when you want to make a call. And you can speak for as long as you want to. Also, other benefits are provided for members of the same network, like free calls. So, Filipinos that have families left back home, must simply tell them to subscribe to the same VoIP network so they can speak for free. Another way to do that is to choose the area code the family is living in to place any calls you wish.

VoIP can deliver great benefits, besides international and local calls at incredibly low prices or free of charge. Features that are usually charged by regular phone companies are offered as basics in any VoIP packages. We talk here about options like caller ID, forwarding calls, or voice mail. They can even redirect a phone call, in case you are outside the house.

Voice messages are now something that you can listen to while using your computer. Unlike with regular telephones, you are not tied down to your house because only there you can be called. If you have a computer, an adapter and an Internet connection, you can make use of your VoIP number, anywhere you want to.

Let’s see how VoIP technology works and how much it improves our lives.

The main prerequisite of a VoIP system is a broadband Internet connection. Unlike analog phones, the signals transmitted over the network are digital and they are used to convert your voice, so they can travel between endpoints of the same network. The quality of the sound is much better than the traditional analog one.

Filipinos around the world can get back home by phone, cheap and fast, by using the services provided by VoIP companies. All they need to do is to get a plan from one of the VoIP providers.

You do not need to be a technology fan so you can enjoy the features offered by VoIP. If you still want to use your regular phone, you need an adapter that is plugged into the phone. Your VoIP provider will give you this equipment when they install VoIP into your house, so you do not have to purchase it separately. What you need to buy, in case you do not have, is a sound card, a microphone and earphones for your computer. Then, a VoIP software will be installed on your PC.

It is easy to see if VoIP is the thing for you. As many companies offer a free trial period, and others offer promotions for the first few months, you can enjoy all their benefits, and only after that decide if you like to stick to them. Also, keep in mind that the software needed for your VoIP system to work can be downloaded free of charge.

A good piece of advice when you search for a VoIP provider is to check with other customers how their services are like. If the company has a reputable name, and, even better, your friends are already in the network, then you must search no more. Second, be sure that your Internet connection is high quality, because VoIP works best with a reliable broadband connection.

Filipinos can now enjoy all these advantages offered by VoIP providers. Even if they are far away from their home country, they can speak to their families as they wish, at great costs and enjoying a high quality service.


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