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The success of most businesses lies on their ability to get the right kind of information in conducting their business and also in formulating new and varied strategies that effectively helps their businesses to succeed. This well kept information are of course jealously guarded by every business concerned since their leak to competition or to other interested parties might prove fatal to their continued success.

These valuable pieces of information are usually kept in computers of companies and are guarded by anti hacking softwares to prevent outsiders from getting access to these pieces of information. Companies that are security conscious are even installing anti listening devices to their phones to preclude any leak of information. A number of companies likewise have involved themselves to provide top of the line and advance anti-listening systems on all incoming and outgoing calls of many companies.

As technology has advanced to greater heights, competition among companies in all aspects of their operation has been more focused on getting information of competition in relation to business sales strategies, system of production, human resources, financial accounting, sales, and other important things that would involve the reason for the success or continued growth of a company concerned. If a company happens to possess an inside information of a competitors strategies, then for sure the company having the information will have the advantage over the competition.

In today’s business environment, information about the competition is a highly priced commodity since every business now secures their data and strategies and other business secrets in a maze of highly designed softwares for information protection like gold bullions being protected at Fort Knox. This is rightly so, because of information piracy that has resulted to too many companies going under because of unsecured business information secrets. If you happen to use wireless communication like a VoIP phone, you have the advantage of protecting your communication from being accessed into by outsiders with the use of a Wi-fi encrypted VoIP phone.

Many companies today have already known about the goodness of VoIP and its amazing quality of service at incredible low prices. And as such, most companies across the world are now beginning to use the VoIP communication system instead of making long distance calls through the telephone. If you are still unaware what a VoIP is, it is a means of communications just like a telephone with the signal passing through the Internet. The advantages of having a VoIP system compared to long distance telephone calls are the price and quality of voice signals.

The cost of using VoIP is extremely low compared to the cost of making a long distance call. The quality of sound from a VoIP is
Crystal clear while long distances call is subject to interference With VoIP, you can make voice conferencing, video conferencing, 3 way calling and caller ID for free. In a long distance call, you have to pay extra for caller ID, 3 way calling but they cannot provide you with voice and video conferencing.

You are now fully aware what VoIP is and the goodness it can do to your communication concerns of your business especially so if you have an international clientele. Now, another advance feature of the VoIP is their wireless service. This is in consonance with the Wi-fi service of internet provider where if you have a lap top in a particular hot spot, meaning an area covered for wireless internet access, you can readily call through your VoIP system using your VoIP phone.

It is however important to remember that since you are on a
new Wi-fi mode of communication to another VoIP site, your
messages might be unduly monitored by other unscrupulous persons and the confidentiality of your messages might be taken advantage of. It is therefore recommended that once you have a VoIP wireless subscription, you should first guard your system by using Wi-Fi softwares that can prevent others from avesdropping on your wireless messages to protect the confidentiality of your communications.

A good way of ensuring that nobody can listen to your Wi-fi system of communication will be using Wi-fi VoIP encrypted phones. These specially designed encrypted phones are designed to block any attempts by anybody to listen to your wireless VoIP conversation using encrypted Wi-fi VoIP phones. Now, if I were you, I would now have to start using this kind of phone to protect my interest.

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