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For many people working in another country to earn a living for their families, their only means of communication is by telephone.
Their loneliness in a foreign land can only be assuage when they call home and talk to their wives and children. And because of these needs, many telephone companies are making a killing out of long distance telephone rates that they are charging for the long distance calls made by the overseas workers to their families.

With the development of a new system of communication known as VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol, and with long distance rates way, way below the rates of telephone companies, the telephone companies are now trying to find ways and alternatives to address this situation. They are aware the VoIP can heavily affect their present enormous profits from the long distance bills of overseas workers who would tend to frequently call long distance their families back home because of loneliness.

In some other countries in Asia, their government are more particular with the welfare of their workers working abroad to earn for their families back home. In cognizance of the high cost of long distance calls charged by telephone companies for their long distance calls to their families back home, their government opened up the VoIP system of communication so that workers will save money from their large long distance telephone bills.
And so, many workers in those countries working in foreign lands
have now VoIP communication in the homes of their families back home, so that anytime of the day, they can talk with their wives and children at a very low cost with some calls even free for those with the same VoIP provider as that of the company their husbands are working for in foreign countries.

Indeed the government of these Asian countries really cares for the interest of their foreign workers working abroad. Still, it has been noted that some government of other Asian countries still makes it hard for VoIP companies to be fully operational in their country. They seem not to want the families of their foreign based workers enjoy the very low cost of calling their husbands and other family members who are working abroad.

In terms of all aspect of operation with special regards to long distance cost, VoIP is very much cheap to the traditional telephone. You can just imagine how much a family of foreign based workers will save by calling their love ones working abroad with the use of a VoIP.

For just a one minute long distance call, the family of a foreign based worker will have to pay the telephone company 40 cents. And if that same family calls long distance through the VoIP phone, they will only be paying 3 cents for a one minute call. You can just imagine the huge difference. And if they are calling daily, you can just imagine the help VoIP can give to the families of foreign based workers. I cannot understand the thinking of some Asian countries whose governments are making it very hard for VoIP
companies to be fully operational in their part of the world.

Actually, if these governments will only allow fully the operation
of these VoIP companies in their countries, it will start the lowering of long distance rates by established long distance companies. As of now, those rates imposed by long distance phone
companies are very high, and they are really making a killing out of the rates they charge.

In fact, if you compare the quality of service, the sound quality of VoIP is far more superior to that of the traditional phone. And when it comes to connectivity, VoIP is faster in connectivity compared to an ordinary phone. Even in terms of features, all the features of a traditional phone can be had with a VoIP. And a feature of VoIP phone cannot be possibly offered by an ordinary traditional phone. This feature is the video and audio conferencing whereby you can have video and audio conference with two links besides your link. You can share simultaneously any information you have while seeing each other on camera via your webcam. These would be pretty cool if you have two of your barkadas having their own VoIP, then you can have a nightly video and audio conference through your VoIPs. How cool can it get?

Now, the only problem is how receptive the government can be with regards to the welfare of the people when it comes to granting these VoIP investors or companies the right to compete with giant long distance companies who are raking such huge profits from the families of so many workers abroad. I think the government should have to give a far better deal to the families of these unsung heroes, because if not for them, where do you think will the country’s economy be right now?


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