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Future telephony cannot be imagined without Internet and VoIP. Nowadays, we see as big telecommunication giants clash in a battle for supremacy in winning customers on their sides, and VoIP is one of the best players.

VoIP has many advantages that qualifies it for this struggle. The price is low, access to long distance and international calls is cheaper and, if you have a high speed Internet connection, you can have VoIP working for you.

VoIP is a very useful telecommunication tool in the hands of those that know how to handle it. VoIP providers are trying more and more to attract people to their plans and they show the benefits that can be drawn from there. Individuals and businesses alike are starting to see how many advantages can be acquired from a VoIP plan. Cutting down the costs on the telephone bill is just one of them.

As we mentioned earlier, VoIP can be a great solution for residential homes, but for offices, as well. The savings that can be made are very attractive, but how much can really VoIP handle, in terms of traffic and resources? For bigger businesses, this question is very important.

When the competition for residential packages started on the VoIP market, the companies battled for offering the lowest price. It is not unusual to get a standard package from a company like, Vonage, Lingo, or Packet8, for as little as 20 dollars a months, so you can call a lot of people for free. This deal is so much better than the regular telephone line, that many cancel their subscription with these companies in order to get VoIP. The lower the price, the more successful the VoIP providers that deliver this service.

Many VoIP providers offer business plans, but if you run a small company, you do not necessarily need a more expensive package. You can ask for a residential plan, and you can use it to your heart’s will, from your office. With a little bit of more work on extending the lines, you will have your whole company connected to VoIP. If you use a cordless telephone system, you can put an additional line and an additional handset for any employee in your firm. It will be possible to even have a traditional line and a VoIP line in every office.

If you do not need the landline phones, you can take them out and replace everything with VoIP. You are not required to make a big investment in VoIP phones. You can just adapt the old telephone to VoIP through special adapters.

There is one thing you should know, though. Even if VoIP seems to work perfect for a small business, once you reach a certain grade, you will see the lacks in the system. It is the time to look for a VoIP provider that can give you advanced services, more suited for bigger businesses.

These are called commercial VoIP providers. If you start with a low cost plan, suited for your small business, when the time comes for an upgrade, your investment will not be as expensive as you would thought. So you should not worry that this upgrade will make you break the bank.

Major players, like Verizon, Primus, Covad and Avaya, decided to struck the market of commercial VoIP providers. Here are some benefits they can deliver to you.

You will need to increase the number of telephone lines, when your business becomes much larger. Your commercial VoIP provider can guarantee for a certain standard of quality, which is a must when you conduct a business. These providers give failover to PSTN, to avoid such issues. A central VoIP system is installed in your headquarters by your provider, so it can be managed easier.

The upgrade you make on the system does not require you to train once again your employers. The VoIP service will work the same for them, even if it must be integrated in the PBX infrastructure of your business.

Security is always a major concern for larger businesses. VoIP provides well for this necessity, as it works with an encryption technology that ensures a high level of strength against hackers’ attacks.

The size matters, so to speak, when you need a commercial VoIP provider for your growing business. The price is important and so are the extra features the VoIP providers can give you. But you should also check if the company you wish to handle your communication system can deal with so much on their hands.

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