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Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP is considered today as the wonder boy of modern communication. It has all the qualities and functions to bring your business to the 21 century in terms of
communication application technology. Speed, voice quality, modern day communication like video and audio conferencing, VoIP has it all at give-away cost to businessmen.

Since VoIP is digitalized, it is indeed far superior to the analog
system that is used by telephone companies. Digital signals are not subject to interference while analog signals are. In connectivity, VoIP has a faster connection because of the super fast broadband speed of the internet. On the other hand, you will find long distance calls made through traditional telephone as sometimes wanting for a speedier connection because of the individual speed capacities of the differing telephone carrier companies where your signals will have to pass through.

All the features that your traditional phone has, your VoIP phone also offers and with additional features that your traditional phone cannot simply afford to give you. What I am referring to is the video and audio 3-way conferencing that your VoIP system can give you. If you will request for this kind of service from your traditional telephone company, you will find it quite hard for them to give you one, but still, they can arrange it at astronomical figures which surely, I will hazard to guess, you simply cannot afford to pay. With VoIP, it is free! Where else can you get a communication system like this one?

And the cost! Have you ever think how much can you save with a VoIP phone compared to a traditional phone? Just consider that a one minute long distance call with a traditional telephone company will cost you not less than 40 cents. With a VoIP, a one minute long distance call will only cost you 3 centavos! If you happen to call long distance everyday, how much do you think can you save in a year? Not much, or very very much?

And still, to top it all, you can call long distance free of charge with a VoIP. All that you have to do if you already have a VoIP connection, is to ask your relatives and friends abroad to change to VoIP phones and to choose their VoIP provider company with the same provider company that you have. You see, if you have the same VoIP provider company with your relative or friends in other countries, you can have long distance calls with them without any charges. You can call long distance and talk with your friends and relatives all day without worrying about the cost
as it is totally free.

So, there you have it, the advantages that you can get from having a VoIP connection.

Now, let me tell you that indeed, VoIP has still some quirks that need to be addressed since it is a new kid in town. Although these can be minors in case these bugs might surface during the course of your call, you can just as easily get over with it. In fact there are now some new programs and application just developed to address these quirks, as some may call it. One of these new applications is the QoS. This kind of application has two main purpose in terms of your VoIP internet usage.

First, the QoS will protect your VoIP application from your different shared media in the Internet. Second, it will prioritize your VoIP to come first from other activities your shared internet connection has.

It would then be very beneficial for somebody who is using his or her broadband internet connection for other application besides VoIP. The reason for this is that once your broadband connection has several applications running and somebody is calling your VoIP, there are chances that that somebody will not be able to readily access your number because of the other running application.

If you have an QoS in place, you will have no problem because your QoS will then give priority to your VoIP so that your In-coming call will be put through. Actually, QoS will act as some form of a traffic policeman that will regulate your broadband traffic in favor of your VoIP.

The advantages of QoS will be in many forms that you might not be able to detect, but the smooth flow of your information retrieval plus the non-congestion of your internet work will likely become more managed, to include your VoIP communication application. Another thing good about the QoS is its low cost. You see, everything about VoIP is cheap, to include miscellaneous items for its proper functioning.

So, why not considering getting one if you have already an VoIP system of communication? It is cheap and it can better manage your Internet flow of information and communication.

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