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The newness of a particular thing in the market will make people hesitant to put their hard earned money to buy it. This is the natural tendency of a market. If your product is new, you have to spend time and effort in marketing your product to make a sale. But once people have tested the product and come to like it, then your sale will just come naturally.

The internet is one place where you can find constant innovations. From the latest marketing tools to the latest information products, the internet has it all. Just recently, an innovation that has impacted on the communication industry has just been made with the name VoIP. VoIP means Voice over Internet Protocol. This type of product is related to communication services, where you can send and receive voice messages through the internet.

Since VoIP is relatively a new system of communications, it is therefore open to some bugs in the system. However, since developers of the program in still sharpening their wares, every now and then patches can be made to address the problem. But this system of communication is now gaining wide acceptance among many businessmen in America, Europe and even in Asia.

The Impact of this VoIP has resulted to long distance telephone companies trying to lower their cost of per minute messages in order to remain competitive because of the real threat they are now facing from VoIP. However, it is expected that VoIP will become the dominant communication system in the near future because of its superior features and the very low cost of having a VoIP system.

Many people are now thinking of having a VoIP connection because of the low cost that it offers. With the high bills that people has to shoulder every month end, phone bills has become an irritating concern of many people because of the high cost of calls. Because of this, many homeowners have now transferred to VoIP and many more are now scheduled to cut off their telephone connections and install the new service of VoIP.

Aside from the low cost that VoIP offers, with a VoIP mobile phone, they can use their phones to call everywhere they may be and can even do a video and audio conferencing with anybody even when they are vacationing in some beaches in Asia. This portability of VoIP phones has added more to the desire of many people to install their own VoIP.

It’s not all advantage, however. The disadvantage of a VoIP is power. During brownouts, for sure, VoIP cannot operate, unlike a regular telephone that have their power lines. If you have a VoIP, and it is a must for you to have a constant communication, the best thing for you to do will be to have your own power source, like even just a portable generator.

The disadvantage of VoIP that is quite apparent to its operation is using an internet connection with slow speed connectivity. If you do not have a broadband internet connection, do not ever attempt to install a VoIP system in your house, because it will be just useless. VoIP will never work with a slow internet connection, like a dial up. VoIP was designed for broadband super fast connectivity.

VoIP will never make good in a slow internet environment. It was because of the development of the broadband technology that the speed of internet became lightning fast that it enabled hi tech professionals to design an application using the broadband internet technology as a way of making a globalized system of communication that operates at broadband speeds and with crystal clear quality of sound communication.

The other features of VoIP such as audio and video conferencing are now considered as a very important tool by international businessmen to effectively run their interest in countries around the world. It has now become so important to them that nearly all businessmen who came to learn about this feature have already signed up for an installation. Well, if you are a businessman with businesses around the world, will you not be satisfied with a kind of long distance communication where you can do a video and audio conference with your managers around the world in real time to assess their performance and thresh out any problems that they might have anytime of the day and at no cost to you? Will you not like it?

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