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Businesses in the Philippines would sometimes suffer overloading in the handling capacity of their communication trunk lines. But due to lack of funds, these lacks of handling capacity of their telephone trunk lines are left out in the cold, meaning just to let it be, as they do not have the financial capacity to enhance their telephone trunk line handling system.

It has been noted that the Public Switched Telephone Network or PSTN was the single equipment was the equipment designed for handling the large volume of voice over transmission of the various incoming and outgoing calls of a particular communication network but the inconsistencies of the built in system failed to support the packet based voice transmission support system, leading to several ways wherein new system has to be made to correct the

The signals have first to be converted to the right forms or packets. They then must, at all cost, be able to transmit without delay and interference all throughout the network. The conversion of these data packets will then be the last stage, whereby all these packets will then be reverted to voice signals.

VoIP will be the only form of voice transmission system that has the over-all capacity to address this problem in one setting. The
System of VoIP technology has been applied in these kinds of problems in several trunk lines of businesses around the world with amazing success. Because of these capacities, most business with heavy incoming and out going communication loads has turned to the wonders of VoIP technology to address their communication problems. When VoIP first started its services in America, it was then realized by technical people handling the communication facilities of many business not only in the U.S. but also in other countries of Europe that the VoIP system has indeed the needed technical design to correct or address communication overloads in trunk lines of many businesses.

Another good thing about the VoIP system that was observed by business technical people is the fact that VoIP does not consume a large segment of bandwidth to perform its operation. This efficiency of the system leads to many owners of the different business establishment in America to have VoIP as their choice for their incoming and outgoing communication system.

The process by which VoIP operated itself in the context of the IP Identification system of the internet has given it some names to most technical people as a broadband oriented communication system. Well, this is technically true, for VoIP was indeed originally designed an an internet tool to work or function best in the broadband environment to afford the system super fast connectivity. And having done these, VoIP is now even touted as the convergence connectivity communication, where this kind of a communication tool will be made to have a convergence of the communication and information tool into one system of application.

Aside from this type of appeal to most people, this broadband designed communication and information tool was made to run in the most efficient manner, thus making it the cheapest form of communication today. Imagine having a three country video and audio conference with your managers in just a simple and dirt cheap cost of 3 cents per minute, can you believe that? Hard to believe, of course! But with VoIP, it is a reality. If you will have to request the traditional telephone companies to make it happen for you, they can of course do that, but it will have to cost you a lot of dollars because to them making a 3 country audio and video conferencing will involve a lot of equipments, realigning their telephone channels, and a pretty lot more of technical works which I can reckon, will cost you more than several grand just for a minute of audio and video conferencing in 3 countries.

It would be a great idea if the VoIP facilities in the Philippines can be expanded. This will be to the benefit of the general public. The government in fact, should encourage VoIP to give the people the cheapest available kind of communication tools, more especially to the families of the Filipino workers working abroad.
Since the government concern is to look after the welfare of the public, giving them the opportunity to cheaper kinds of communication is a way of looking at their welfare. Look at the other Asian countries. The people there are now enjoying low cost of communication brought about by the VoIP. Why can’t the Filipino people have the same benefits? Why is the government trying to give the run around for VoIP companies willing to invest in the Philippines?

Of course, we do not know why. The only thing we know is that the VoIP system of communication can help greatly the Filipino people, because once VoIP can be made available to the public, then this will be the only aspect of industry that can give the Filipino people a real breathing spell from the ever rising cost of almost everything in the Philippines.

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