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Michigan residents Can Now Have VoIP

This is good news to Michigan residents. Now, you can avail VoIP service in your residences. If you are still unaware if what I mean by VoIP, it stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. This is a voice messaging service like your ordinary telephone where you can have local or long distance calls anywhere in the world. The only difference here is that while your telephone carries your voice over the telephone lines, in a VoIP, it is carried through the Internet.

The following are your VoIP providers in Michigan; Packet8 VoIP Michigan,Sunrocket Michigan, MyPhoneCompany Michigan, Iconnecthere Michigan, Vonage Michigan, and Verizon VoiceWing Michigan

Since you already know your VoIP service providers in your area, I know you would like to know something about what is VoIP really all about, and what will you get if you decide to dump your old phone service in favor of this new kid in the block called VoIP?

Alright, let me explain what really VoIP is. This new kind of voice messaging service as I have said is carried through the internet. Unlike in a traditional telephone service that uses analog voice delivery system, VoIP uses the digital system of voice delivery through the internet.

Analog system which is used by the traditional long distance telephone companies is in wave form frequencies. Examples of these are the broadcasting radio stations that uses the AM and FM frequencies whereby the signals are carried by radio frequencies. In the AM or the Amplitude Modulation frequencies for example, the signals ride on the frequency waves itself which would tend to shorten or lengthen the radio waves depending on the sound of the radio signals.

In the FM or Frequency Modulation, the radio waves are uniform
in length but are irregularly spaced because the signals are in the spacing of frequencies. Aside from radio broadcasting stations, analog signals are also used in TV broadcasting, and other communication facilities like the single side band communication and other older forms of communication. The disadvantage of an analog signal is that it is always open to interference by other frequencies like static frequencies, which would cause signal disruption and disturbances.

Digital system on the other hand which is used by VoIP in sending sound signals through the internet, utilizes numeric binary numbers of 1 and 0 to carry the signal form. This type of signal carrier is not open to outside interference and thus will tend to deliver clear and uninterrupted voice signal messages.

This would then make a VoIP system superior in sound clarity over the traditional long distance telephone system

In terms of speed connectivity, calling long distance through the traditional long distance telephone will have no assurance of a fast connection because of the differing telephone companies that links together your call. On the other hand, making a call through VoIP can make you immediately connected because of the broadband super fast connection.

All other extra or added features offered by a traditional telephone company are also offered by your VoIP provider. One feature that you can get from VoIP is the video and audio conferencing. For sure, your traditional long distance telephone company can never provide you this kind of extra but important kind of service. This video and audio conferencing is provided to free as an added feature of your VoIP provider. This kind of service is much sought after because you can confer with your love ones or friends simultaneously over the phone while you see each other through the internet webcam.

The other good thing about a VoIP is its cost. A one minute long distance call using your VoIP will cost only a small fraction of what you will be paying for a one minute long distance call using the traditional telephone line. Finally, this is the last good thing about a VoIP. If your relative in another country is using the same VoIP provider like yours, you can talk without limit all through the night and day with out paying anything, because it is free. Now, if you have a relative abroad and you are frequently calling each other, each of you can save a lot of money by transferring to a VoIP service with the same provider. This way, you can talk, and even exchange gossip all through the day for FREE! Nice, right?

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