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Communicating with people over the world is easier nowadays than it has ever been before. The times when a conversation was lost and regained once every few minutes or you had to yell so the other person could hear are matters of the past. The new technology is advancing at a speedy rate and we can now enjoy its benefits.

When Internet was invented, maybe only few people suspected what a breakthrough in telecommunications that would be. But only in a matter of years, the Internet has swept the world and it has become one of the most powerful and reliable tools in communication, business and file sharing.

New means of communication appeared along with the Internet. VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, presents itself as a necessity for the house or the office of the present. Anyone with a computer and a broadband Internet connection can have access to this technology and enjoy all its benefits.

Traditional landlines risk to be replaced at a fast rate by VoIP. The main reason for making the switch is that the service provided is very much like that delivered by telephone companies, only that there are certain advantages that cannot be ignored. If we take a step further and throw a look at how VoIP works, the difference is quite important. Unlike traditional telephones, which work with analog signals, VoIP phones work with digital signals, which are sent over the Internet and then converted into analog, so we can hear and talk like on a regular phone.

VoIP phones deliver good quality of sound. This is explained by the fact that digital data is of greater quality than analog, resulting in a faster connection and a more reliable one, as well.

Internet does not involve as many costs as the traditional landlines. This means that you do not to spend a fortune when using VoIP phones, either. Making local and international calls at low costs or at no costs at all is what makes VoIP such an attractive opportunity for most people. A simple comparison between a call made with VoIP and one made with a regular phone, shows who is the winner here.

The traditional telephone is one thing that people tend to give up on, and they replace it with VoIP. This means that the whole world of communication is changing.

Let’s see what makes VoIP phones so special in comparison with the regular phones. In appearance, a VoIP phone is not so different from a traditional one. How it works makes the difference. VoIP phones have integrated in their device an RJ-45 connector and not an RJ-11 connector like regular phones have. The RJ-45 Ethernet connector makes it possible to connect your phone to your computer and to the Internet.

The VoIP phone works with electrical power, so it has a plug with which you can connect it to the power supply.

You do not necessarily have to purchase a VoIP phone in order to use this technology with your computer. There is a way to transform your regular phone into an IP phone. You will need just an Analog Telephone Adapter, or ATA, that is responsible for translating the signals between the phone and the Internet network.

You can talk on the phone or you can talk on your computer with VoIP. In order to transform your PC into a VoIP phone, you need a sound card, a microphone, a headset and to install a free software.

VoIP phones are very accessible, if you think like this. You just have choose which way you like to do it. Remember that you will always need a broadband Internet connection, if you want to enjoy all the qualities of the VoIP phone. Digital data is dependant on the reliability of your Internet connection, which makes it so important.

Electricity is a prerequisite for VoIP. If you do not have power, you will not be able to use your VoIP phone. So power outages really take your new device out of business.

But if such a disadvantages does not bother you, then you should get a VoIP plan and enjoy all its extra features, as well as cheap of free calls anywhere you like.

VoIP phones will not be tight down forever. With the evolution of wireless technology, it is expected for people to be able to use VoIP outside the house, in wi-fi hotspots.

The world of communication is for sure changed forever by the appearance of VoIP.


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