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Improve Your Business through VoIP

International business is now depending a lot on the internet for information, text communication and even product presentation. Most, if not all businesses have now their own internet websites with their exclusive business domain names.

When once, business ads can only be seen on TV, Radio and print media, now businesses are scrambling to have their own ads in the internet. Not only do they display ads on the internet, businessmen now do business in the internet itself, by having their own stores to sell their products.

Businessmen are now having a field day utilizing the internet. Different marketing tools are now being developed for business marketing. A just recently launched communication system in the internet is now being aggressively used by many businessmen in America, Europe and now even in some parts of Asia.

This Internet voice communication is known as VoIP, which stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. This new voice communication system enables businessmen to call their agents and managers of their businesses across continents in a clear and fast voice communication system. This system also enables business owners to have video and audio conference simultaneously with his agents or managers located in various countries of the world to thresh out any problems and to provide the needed solutions in real time, any hour of the day.

Likewise, business executives can easily do presentations of his products to clients in any parts of the globe through business presentation using VoIP. Business owners and executives can save a ton of dollars using VoIP because they don’t have to travel to other countries just to have conferences and sales presentations.

Aside from this, businessmen who have already started using VoIP likes VoIP not only for its clear signal, fast connectivity, audio and video conferencing capabilities but more so, because of its very low pricing structure compared to standard long distance telephone companies. And the best thing is if your VoIP service is also the same service provider of your branches in other parts of the world, you can have unlimited calls with your branches FREE of any charge.

You can just imagine this scenario of an international company with branches in Brazil, Mexico and Hong Kong. The monthly long distance calls of their head office based in California on the average is US$ 15,200.00 a month. This bill is a consolidated total of long distance expenses between HO and its branches, excluding calls made between branches. An estimate was made that if you consider the average calls between branches, a staggering over all monthly bills will come to around US$ 23,000 a month.

When the company decided to subscribed to a VoIP provider to include its 3 branches, it expended just around 50 percent of its monthly total bill for connection and other incidental expenses.
Now, the company is having zero expenses in terms of telephone bills, when in truth and in fact, video and audio conferences between head office in California and its branches in Brazil, Mexico and Hong Kong is an ongoing daily affair.

Not only has the company eliminated its telephone bill expenses but travel expenses was minimized as well, since the need for personal visitation to branches by senior executives at their California head office has been drastically reduced with the daily
Live audio and video conference sessions.

This story that has been told is just an example how your company can save dollars by shifting their system of communication from the standard telephone long distance communication to a VoIP method of communication. The good thing about a VoIP is it is via the internet. I also fail to mention that with VoIP, you can retrieve any information from the internet very easily, while you are doing your video and audio conferencing.

Businesses worldwide are now looking to VoIP video and audio voice conferencing as one of the most effective tool in their management and monitoring of their various global business interest. In fact, because of VoIP, various long distance telephone companies around the world are now adjusting their individual price structure and are now looking for ways in which they can do business in cooperation with VoIP providers.

If you are a businessman and have other interest in other parts of the globe, I think it would now be high time for you to consider VoIP as what other businessmen have already done.

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