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Computers today are everywhere. Every aspect of our life is done with or through the use of computers. Whether it is in health, business, governance or relaxation, computers are widely used to process or aid in its function. The internet further enhanced the computer’s usage. It became the electronic bridge between countries of the world for messages, business, information and so many thing else.

In terms of communication, a new system has come out of the internet. The name of this new system of communication is VoIP which stands for voice over Internet Protocol. This system of voice communication will enable everybody to communicate with their friends and relatives all over the world through voice communication via the internet. VoIP is now beginning to be the favored system of communication in America and even in Europe. It is now making inroads even in the Asian market.

When you compare VoIP with the standard long distance telephone calling system, you can see a lot of difference that will favor VoIP system over long distance telephone communication. In terms of voice clearness and speed, features that are offered and the cost, the long distance telephone system is way behind VoIP.

Clearness and speed of communication is an advantage VoIP has over the standard long distance telephone system. This is because while long distance telephone system uses the analog system of communication, VoIP uses the digital system, which is the most advance system of communication. Analog system of communication uses wave radio frequencies to transmit sound. This is an old technology which is susceptible to interference from other frequencies. This is why; you usually hear background noises or interruptions during your long distance calls. On the other hand, VoIP uses the most modern of system communication which is the digital system. The digital system uses binary numeric forms such as 1 and 0 to transmit sounds, thereby precluding any interruptions or other kind of sound from interfering with the voice signal. This will result to a clear and uninterrupted voice communication.

With regards to the speed of connections, the long distance telephone companies connectivity will depend on the capacity of inter linking telephone channels to carry the voice message from one point to another. The connectivity therefore has no uniform assurance of speed. With VoIP, it will be an entirely different matter. Since VoIP is carried by the internet through its broadband super fast connectivity, you can be assured of super fast connection every time you call. A person from any point in Asia can call somebody in Iceland and be answered immediately within a minute of dialing the number. With long distance telephone call, you will be hard put to immediately have a connection.

And when it comes to different service features, whatever services the long distance telephone companies can offer their clients, VoIP can also offer, but the service of VoIP which is the video and audio conferencing, can never be offered by the long distance telephone companies. And to top it all, this feature is a free added service of VoIP. Of course, if you will request this from your telephone company, they might be able to give you also this kind of service, but because they will have to put on a lot of connection to be able to give you this service, it may cost you several thousands of dollars just to have even one minute of video and audio conferencing from someone in another country.

The most important difference between VoIP system of communication from that of a long distance system of communication will be the cost of calls. Will you believe me when I tell you that the cost of a one minute long distance call using VoIP system is just a small fraction of a one minute call using the long distance telephone? Hard to believe? If you found it hard to believe what I have just told you, I think you will now call me a liar when I will tell you that if you are using a VoIP system, and you will call somebody in a foreign land using the same VoIP provider as you have, you can talk without limit all throughout the day FREE of any charge! You can call me a liar, but this is true.

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