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Traditional telecommunication has become to lose in front of new technologies such as VoIP. Many people around the globe choose to install VoIP in their homes and in their offices. VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is an invention whose roots date back in 1973, when specialists thought of a new addition for ARPANET.ce providers.

Internet has gained a lot of popularity in the business world. Now, it is easy to hold a conference, if all the people involved have Internet connection and computers. VoIP is so much like a telephone that many see it very similar to the traditional device. If you connect your phone to your computer through an adapter, then you have access to VoIP through your telephone. The installation is done by your provider and it works very easy and efficient.

The are some positive and some negative sides regarding VoIP. You need to make a little bit of research before making any decision. If your conclusion is that you want to have VoIP access, then the next step is to choose a VoIP provider to fit your special needs. Be aware that there is much competition on the market, and VoIP providers strive to get you in their network with all kinds of offers. Whether you choose a major player or a small provider is your choice, as long as you get what you want how you want. Check prices, options, sound quality and such when you shop around for a VoIP provider.

There is enough room to choose between different VoIP plans. But, mainly, you have two options. If you just want to chat with your friends, then using SIPphone or Skype is the option for you. But for extended uses, like in your office, conducting your business, go for a paid plan, that can grant you access to a great amount of particular and useful features against a monthly fee.

Choosing the right plan for your business depends on your particular needs. There are many packages from which to choose, so take your time and review all the offers before making a decision. Keep in mind that any standard package should include things like managing calls, or teleconferencing, while more advanced programs can grant you even more interesting and useful features.

Here is a short list of guidelines for making the best choice when you choose your VoIP provider.

1. Always show interest in which services are for free. If you intend to make most of the calls internationally, then ask the VoIP provider if these calls are for free or which are the costs, as well as which countries you can call.

2. There are so many VoIP providers that you may find yourself rather confused with all the amount of offers raining on your head. If you identify an offer that interests you, read some reviews about the company to see what other people, that already tried their services, think about it.

  • The main things you should for when selecting your VoIP provider are: the price, the quality and the extra features provided. Here is a list containing the major players on the VoIP market so you can make a general idea.
  • Vonage: they are well known for quality service provided at low prices; among their other advantages, we can name the extra features, like caller ID.
  • Packet8 has a good reputation regarding the level of quality they provide; the technology they use makes for very few problems in reception and transmission.
  • Verizon VoiceWing and Skype are very popular because they offer free services and many extra features.

3. It is always wise to search for a provider that has included a free trial period. This way, if you do not like the quality they give you, you can ask for a refund without risking anything.

4. Customer support is very important. You do not know when you will need help, so opt for a provider that has non-stop technical contact available for their clients.

5. Many VoIP providers will give you all the information you need. So do not hesitate to ask what kind of hardware you should have and which are the other costs involved in the installation of VoIP into your home or your office.

If you follow these guidelines, you will have no problem finding a good VoIP provider that can help you enjoy all the benefits of this new and exciting technology.



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